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Yokota Art Gallery (1897-1985) Bangkok (watercolors)
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Yokota Art Gallery (1897-1985) Bangkok (watercolors)
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Art Galleries in Bangkok, Thailand presents the artist Niro Yokota who lived and painted in Thailand from 1940, all through World War Two, until 1985, when he passed away at the grand old age of 88. In his later years he was honoured by the King as a National artist, a rare gift for a foreigner. He was almost certainly responsible for putting Thailand on the tourist map, as he visited many other Asian and European countries soon after the war, selling his painting scenes of Thai life. Below, you will find some fine canal scenes painted in 1958 and 59. For more art information and prices contact Atsuko Davies or visit the real art gallery, where you can see the real paintings. Map and address of Akko Art Gallery on bottom of Home Page. Tel: 259 1436


Niro Yokota



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