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Akko Art Gallery
Watercolor Paintings by Keatisak Plitaporn

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British and Japanese management

The well known watercolorist, Keatisak Plitaporn, is the only Thai Christian artist this writer knows. The title of his works are all quotes from the bible, and, as the well known artist that he is, it can be said that his talent is certainly God-given. He has had many exhibitions and shows in more than 20 years of painting and his works are sought after by both the collector and interior decorator for some of the better homes in Thailand and abroad. For more art information and prices call Atsuko Davies or visit the real art gallery to see the real paintings. Map and address of Akko Art Gallery on bottom of Home Page. Tel: 259 1436

Calves 56x38cm




jungle flowers56x38cm

undergrowth 1- 56x38cm

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