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Art Galleries in Bangkok | Vichoke Mukdamanee | Edvard Sasun, Top Artist from the Russian Classical School | Master Artist Chalerm Nakiraks | Master Japanese Artist Niro Yokota 1897-1985 | Oil Paintings by Kamchorn Soonpongsri | Paintings by Somboon Phuangdorkmai | Collectors' Oil Paintings | Watercolor Paintings by Keatisak Plitaporn | Fine Oil Paintings | Fine Watercolors | Woodcuts by Jarassri Roopkamdee | Chinese Paintings | Thai Art | Modern Art | Kyoko Abe | Akko Gallery show rooms


Akko Art Gallery
Art Galleries in Bangkok

Below you will find thumbnails(tiny pictures) of the works of some of the famous artists we represent. Just click on the thumbnail to go to their galleries, where you will find bigger pictures of the works and also many more works by the same artist. We also have many other up and coming artists represented on this website. Just click on one of the links above and enjoy seeing their works. Also, at our bricks and mortar gallery, you will find files of hundreds of artists from Thailand and other parts of Asia, as well as the rest of the world.

Map of Akko Gallery on bottom of Home Page. for assistance, call (662) 259 1436.


The honor of National Artist was bestowed on chalerm Nakiraks by His Majesty the King. For a larger image, click on the thumbnail picture.


Edvard Sasun is a powerful realist artist from the Russian Classical School. For more of his works click on the thumbnail image.


There's only one Kamchorn style in Bangkok. To see many more larger size images click on the thumbnail picture.


Xi Shan, of the famous Chinese Yunan School. Bigger image can be seen by clicking on thumbnail.


By Noporath, the well known father of 4 sons and daughters; all artists. To see larger image, click on thumbnail picture.


Thumbnail of one of Somboon Phuangdormai's works. Just click on the thumbnail to go to her gallery to see a larger picture of this work and many others.


Thumbnail of one of Ekachai's works. See a larger version and more of his works by clicking on the thumbnail.


By one of vietnam's top oil painters, Le Than Thu. To see a larger picture and others by the same artist, click on the thumbnail.


The Japanese artist, Niro Yokota, lived in Thailand from 1940 till he passed away in 1985. To see a larger picture and more of his works, click on the thumbnail.


Press on this thumbnail picture for more and larger images of works by Boontan Chesurat.


Jintana Piamsiri. Click on thumbnail image for larger work.


Kid Kosolwat, 1917 - 1988. To see larger image, click on thumbnail image.