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Nostalgic Thailand by Prapan Srisouta, 20th Oct. to 10th Nov. 2007 in Bangkok

Playing in the River

Getting buffaloes out of the river

Brawling on the Road

Buffaloes bathing

My favourite Kite

The Boxing Club

Rainy Day

Village Scene

Riding Companions

Up-Coming Art Exhibition, Bangkok

Akko Art Gallery presents an art exhibition of the personal collection of the master Thai woodcut-print artist – Praphan Srisouta.

Opening 18:30 Saturday 20th October 2007

The woodcut-print technique and the keen observation of the subject matter in Praphan Srisouta’s works (created between 1960 and 1970) are inherent – but what captures the attention is the liveliness of the figures portrayed.  It is this vigour that has all but disappeared from Japan and European countries and it is becoming a rare sight in Thailand, too.

The artist accurately depicts the movement involved in such activities such as playing with the kite, wrestling, horse riding, throwing stones, beating drums, diving, playing with boats and playing with bamboo stilts using the medium of monochromatic woodcut-prints.  The fluidity of the muscles of these figures seems even more alive because of this medium which is also apparent in the surrounding still life of trees, grass and bridges, leading onto the lines of the hills. 

The ability to lend such life to these objects comes from the inherent talents of the artist but also from years spent passionately practicing the art of sketching still life at Silpakorn University.  The movement of each of the figures’ hand, hip and leg muscles is so fascinatingly full of energy and life that it pulls in the observer and one has difficulty departing from the picture.

Although Praphan Srisouta’s woodcut-prints are noted on a global scale, (SEE LIST OF INSTITUTIONS BELOW, WHICH HAVE HIS WOODCUT PRINTS IN THEIR COLLECTIONS) when he changed from a woodblock print artist to an oil painter, only limited pieces were left and many of them are still in the artist's personal collection; and therefore difficult for the typical art lover to acquire.  These are the works that the collector will be able to purchase at this exhibition.

This exhibition at Akko Art Gallery, showcases the last pieces from the artist’s personal collection to be on sale and is therefore a wonderful opportunity to acquire one or two of this great artist's works. 

The artist has decided to sell his last personal collection due to the fact that he is now in the process of changing from an oil painting artist into a poet.  He therefore needs funds for the printing of this massive undertaking.  A portion of the sales will also be donated to a fund for needy artists.  This is because Praphan himself had had the experience of being a poor student and artist. 

Praphan was born in Lampoon in 1939.  He received the grand prize in the field of woodcut-prints in 1961 and 1962.  After that, he received numerous scholarships to study in Germany and the US as well as invitations to participate in several international exhibitions in Japan.  Praphan is an international artist that Thailand is proud of.

There follows a list of the institutions which own some of Praphan’s works

Akko Art Gallery

Petula Masako Davies










National Art Gallery, Bangkok;





Suan Pakkad Palace, Bangkok;





National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia;




National Art Gallery, New Delhi, India;




Rade Museum, Oberlaster, Germany;




Boston Museum of Arts, USA;





North Carolina Art Center, USA;





Asia and Pacific Museum of Pasadena, CA, USA



National Art Museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina;



Fukuoka Museum, Japan;





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