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Art Galleries in Bangkok
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Edvard Sasun

Art Galleries in Bangkok Thailand introduces you to Edward Sasun, who now makes his home in Bangkok. He was born in Armenia, of Russian descent, and is one of the few true classical artists, of the Russian Realist School, living in our time (see some of his works, below). He attended the Russian Academy of Art, in St. Petersburg and paints in both oils and watercolors, in the classical style of the Russian School of Landscape Paintings; following in the footsteps of the great Armenian/Russian artist Ivan Aivazovsky. His seascapes, like those of Aivazovsky's, are very powerful works of art. He also greatly excels in portraiture and follows in the style of the great Dutch and Spanish masters of the seventeenth century, and the wonderful Russian masters of the eighteenth. Past portrait commissions, by this gifted artist, have been painted for both well known tycoons, concerned with image building, as well as wealthy people of the old school. Edvard Sasun can accept commissions to create portraits, in Bangkok, on an appointment-only basis. For prices and more information, please call Atsuko Davies at 2591436. Akko Gallery map and address on bottom of Home Page.

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